Why your organization should join CoaST?

The Coalition for Smarter Transportation is the only organization dedicated solely to providing advocacy, education, and outreach regarding smarter transportation policies at the Federal, State, and local level.

Who Should Join?

  • Private sector mobility company
  • Municipal governments
  • Transportation stakeholders
  • Universities, and;
  • Other transportation organizations dedicated to the cause.

What Do We Offer? How Can We Help You Achieve Your Goals

CoaST provides education, outreach, and advocacy for Federal, State, and local policies that improve our transportation system through high-performing and innovative projects and programs including support for State/local advocacy campaigns and proliferation of best practices.

But that’s not all……CoaST realizes that in some cases, the will to enact Smarter Transportation policy is there, technical assistance is what is needed. That is why we have amassed experts from around the world to help implement and execute Smarter Transportation, whether you are a local government looking for help implementing the best in smarter transportation policies or if you are looking for best practices in delivering smarter transportation solutions, we can help you. CoaST provides these resources a number of ways, many of which are only open to our Members.

For-Profit Organizations: $922.50 (**Includes CC Processing Fee)

Non-Profit & Municipal Organizations: $772.50 (**Includes CC Processing Fee)


Registration Form – If you would prefer to be invoiced. Please fill out this form and send to info@smartertransportation.org 


Annual Membership Fee for you and up to 5 other members of your organization 
Municipal-Non Profit Organizations-Universities – $750
For Profit Organizations — $900
(fee does not include minimal administrative fee for credit card processing)
Will you join us and add your voice?

In addition, CoaST provides a forum for innovative transportation providers, municipal governments, and others to share and learn from experiencesand express their needs including the development of best practices, technical assistance, and education to State and municipal governments on policies, practices, and programs that encourage smarter transportation policies.
Join today and put your fingerprints on the development and creation of a ‘smarter transportation policy playbook’ which will serve as a cookbook for municipal governments looking to enact Smarter Transportation policies.
Finally, CoaST is becoming the voice of smarter transportation, through webinars, press, and social media for smarter transportation policies