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We must be “smarter” about our transportation and infrastructure policies. We can no longer depend on capital investment alone to fix our transportation system. At all levels of government, we need smarter transportation policies that not only look to increase infrastructure investment but also pave the way to a better performing transportation system. We can no longer afford to only pay for infrastructure, we must enact policies that invest in programs and projects that improve the effectiveness and/or efficiency of our transportation system.

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Smarter Technology

We must integrate ‘smarter’ technologies into the way we build, plan, and operate our transportation system. We need to better integrate technology into our highway & transit systems. We need to look at decades-old policies and practices and reform them to incorporate and leverage new technologies and new business practices to improve performance and manage demand. Smarter Transportation is addressing how to integrate these new services while protecting the public values of reducing congestion and maximizing mobility.

Non-Profit/Municipal Orgs: $772.50

For profit Orgs: $922.50

CoaST Principles

  • Performance is Smarter Transportation
  • Better Planning and Procurement is Smarter Transportation
  • Focusing on Moving People & Freight Rather than Vehicles is Smarter Transportation
  • Investment in policies that drive behavior change is Smarter Transportation
  • Increased Investment in Innovation is Smarter Transportation
  • Increasing Investment in Research for Tomorrow’s Technology is Smarter Transportation